The Latinate origin of the word Verdora can literally be taken as ‘green gold’ –

but more meaningfully to us, it also translates as the ‘wealth and abundance of nature’s flourishing vegetation’.


As the world’s population grows from 7 to 10 billion beyond 2050, the global food industry understands the challenge that the #futureoffood will depend upon producing more calories from less resource to ensure the viability of affordable and nutritionally wholesome food.


We are in unprecedented times with a growing consumer awareness of where our food comes from; allied with the uncertainty of climate change, its impact on the natural environment and the sustainability of our farming and food systems.


Set against this backdrop is a confluence of globally interconnected macro factors and consumer trends have heavily influenced the largest food movement in generations, as increasingly more consumers choose to reduce or remove animal products from their diets.


However self-defined, whether ‘flexitarian’ or ‘reducitarian’, adopting a wholefoods plant-based diet or committing to the ethical lifestyle choice of Veganism; the driving purpose of this movement is found somewhere along the personally reflective lines of health, wellbeing and reducing our impact on the environment. We all want better for ourselves and if our choices are also better for the planet, then the win-win is clear.


Creating innovative products and food brands that meet the high demands of the next generation conscious consumer is Verdora’s mission. Our vision is to deliver them to market in a sustainable, profitable and ethical way.

Our mission & vision are informed and articulated by four key consumer ‘need states’, which serve as focus areas for brand and product development: 

How we identify ourselves at different life-stages, as well as our individual values and beliefs, have a big impact on the products we choose to buy. At Verdora our mission is to develop food and drink brands that reflect different lifestyle choices; ranging from the emerging conscious consumerism and shifting preference towards plant-based and free-from diets, to nutrition that is personalised to our DNA and needs.


More than ever consumers are looking to food and drink companies to help them achieve a more balanced lifestyle, by providing great-tasting, nutritious and natural products as the norm. At Verdora we’re passionate and dedicated to developing a portfolio of brands and products with natural, nutrient-rich ingredients at their heart, helping to deliver functional and health benefits to consumers.


Our modern lifestyles demand the very best of us, with our food and drink choices playing an important role in helping us achieve peak productivity or performance - both physically and mentally. At Verdora we seek to create innovative and functional products that tap into this goal-driven and active lifestyle culture in a clean and natural way.


We’ve become much more holistic and aware in our purchasing decisions as technology has given us insight into supply chains and access to research. There is now unprecedented interest in purpose-driven brands in the food and drink space as consumers have lost trust in where their food comes from. The links between fake farm foods, ingredient fraud, chemical additive ‘obesogens’ and the proliferation of autoimmune and metabolic diseases such as type-2 diabetes are now well documented.  Our vision at Verdora is anchored in the products we make; from ensuring supply-chain traceability, safety and ethical compliance (social and environmental), to only using sustainable packaging and renewable energy in manufacturing, to supporting and sustaining the communities where our food comes from. We believe that sustainability and traceability are not just ‘nice to have’, but essential drivers of shareholder value.

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